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Como converter mods de fallout3/new vegas para xbox

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Tutorial em inglês

-Updated default.xex for fallout 3 to TU 3
-Jtagged Xbox
-Fallout 3 on an external USB HDD
^^also called Xbox 360 and Live Authoring Submission Tool^^
-Any pc mod of your choice
-Fallout 3 Archive tool - FO3 Archive Utility at Fallout 3 Nexus - Fallout 3 mods and community

1. if your mod has custom textures your going to have to do this ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated at Fallout 3 Nexus - Fallout 3 mods and community
2. When you download the info. choose the MANUAL version. NOT the program version

1. ok so what you are going to do is open up XLAST
2. go to file-->new
3. And choose Content Package
4. fill out the form like this

Content package name: --your choice--
Project directory: --your choice--
Title ID of game: 425307D5
Name of Game: Fallout 3
Publisher offering ID: 0000001
Activation Date: --your choice--
Dashboard icon image: (download one from internet: 64x64 png image)
Title image: (same as Dashboard icon image)
Content type: in-Game Content

5. Click the next button until you can add your files
6. Add the .esm/.esp file to the "content" folder

(IF the mod has no subfolders, just a .esm/.esp file then go to step 11)
7. This is when you open up Fallout 3 archive tool
8. Create a .bsa where your subfolder that goes into the data folder is in the root
9. Repeat for all folders that are supposed to go into the Data folder
10. Add those .bsa files to the "content" folder in XLAST

11. now click build locally on the upper bar (next to the open file button)
12. now put the newly created file into your hdd at Content/0000000000000000/425307D5/0000002
12b. If there isnt a folder there already create it
13. Load up Fallout 3 from xexloader (you should see your mod under downloads)
14. PLAY!

if a mod that required to make .bsa files is not working properly put the folders that you made the .bsa file with into the fallout 3/Data folder on your USB HDD.
some mods require it to be in both .bsa format on the retail hdd and in the /Data/ folder on your USB HDD

Video tutorial


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